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If a piano has been out of use for a long time or has been stored for several years, it most likely will require cleaning. Even if a piano has been used continuously, if it has never been cleaned, or if it has been several years since it has been cleaned, it should be cleaned. Dust and mold residing inside the piano adversely affect the life of the strings and the health of the person playing the piano.

Dust and mold can accumulate in action, on the strings, and around the windings of the tuning pins. It is not a healthy situation. Therefore, pianos should have regular, thorough cleaning when the dust accumulates. It is suitable for a grand piano that the lid and key cover are shut tightly when the piano is not in use. It will keep adverse amounts of dust from accumulating in action on the keys, the strings, the soundboard, and the cast-iron frame.

If cleaning is required, the piano will require thorough brushing while vacuuming. Grand pianos with excessive amounts of dirt gather on the soundboard and strings will require a unique cleaning process that removes dust and carefully washes grime off the soundboard. Both upright and grand pianos periodically need built-up dirt from under the keys. Key grime and buildup can also be carefully washed off synthetic or ivory keytops. Sharps that have had excessive build upon them should be cleaned.

Major Repairs

If a repair is quick and straightforward, it is often included in basic tuning. However, a more complicated or extensive repairs are done at an hourly cost, plus material costs.

Major piano repairs may require moving the piano or the action rack to my shop, where we do more extensive work. We can do anything from repair and refurbishing to complete upright or grand restoration, including refinishing. More complicated repairs can include strings breaking, keys sticking or failing to play, or the piano is making strange sounds.

Please get in touch with me for more details if your piano needs significant repairs. The cities I do piano repair in include Waterville, Augusta, Bangor, and Portland.

Service Price
Hourly standard charge $120 first hour/ $100/hr for second hour + parts
Grand hammer shaping, complete regulation and tone building process for pianos that had not had the strings previously 'bedded' $2700
Restringing $1500 to $2000 depending on size
Standard Tuning (and minor work) $120 to $160
Move pianos in and out of state Contact For Price
Major Pitch Adjustment $40
Complete action regulation $240
Full disassembly and cleaning $80
Appraisals $80
Evaluations $80
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