Maine Piano Tuning-The Basics

As a Maine piano owner, what exactly do you need to know and understand about the tuning process? What should a piano owner expect from a piano regarding the tuning process? What does a Maine piano tuning include or not exactly include?

General Definition of a Maine Piano Tuning

A piano tuning the general process of adjusting the pitches of the strings on a piano to get them to align to a standard. Their are several factors that taken into account in the tuning process. Those factors are generally the condition, quality, and age of a piano. All of these factors will determine how a piano needs to be tuned and if it can be tuned at all.

The materials that a piano is built with can often determine their pitch. Materials such as the wood or iron can and will often contract with the changes in the humidity and temperature.

Maine Piano tuning myths

1. All Maine piano's can be tuned....this is 100% not a fact. Not all Maine pianos are able to be tuned. For many various reasons not all Maine piano's can be tuned. Some pianos are just too old and damaged to be tuned.

2. Two totally different piano's can be tuned the exact same way. This is not true. Each piano is different and each piano will need to be tuned differently. For example and large piano and small piano need to be tuned in totally different ways.

3. A piano that is not in good condition can be fixed with a tuning. This is not true. Not all piano's are able to be tuned.

4. A piano can be tuned with tools you have around the house...this is simply not true. You must have special piano tuning tools in order to tune a piano. You can ruin a piano by trying to tune it yourself.

What should you expect from a Maine piano tuning

1. Each piano tuning session cost between $100 and $300 and last between one and three hours.

2. Some piano's could require a pitch raise and could require more than one session to tune.

3. When an older piano is being tuned it is possible that strings could break. This is not the piano tuners fault.

4. Keeping your piano in tune will greatly extend the life of your piano by many years.

5. Keeping your piano by a door or a window will cause it to go out of tune faster. If possible your piano should be kept in a inner room of your house.

6. Keeping a piano in good condition is a lot of work. In order to make it last longer many minor or major work may need to be done to it over the life of a piano.

Keeping your Maine piano tuned if a necessary part of being a Maine piano owner. If you have any questions at all regarding your Maine piano tuning feel free to call or email me at any time.

The cities Steve Cates does piano tuning in includes Waterville, Augusta, Bangor and Portland, Maine

Stephen Cates | Waterville, ME Maine Piano Tuner.

Service Price
Hourly standard charge $100 first hour/ $80/hr for second hour + parts
Grand hammer shaping, complete regulation and tone building process for pianos that had not had the strings previously 'bedded' $2700
Restringing $1500 to $2000 depending on size
Standard Tuning (and minor work) $120 to $160
Move pianos in and out of state Contact For Price
Major Pitch Adjustment $40
Complete action regulation $240
Full disassembly and cleaning $80
Appraisals $80
Evaluations $80

  • Stephen C. Cates
  • Independent Steinway Factory-Trained Piano Technician
  • Trained by Scott Jones
  • By invitation of Michael Moore
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Steve Cates has been tuning and moving piano's for the last 35 years in the state of Maine. He is a Steinway Factory-Trained Technician. He is well recommended by many past and present clients. He is covered with business insurance.